Saturday, February 25, 2006

I snapped this picture with Preston's camera. This man was singing and playing. He really wasn't very good, but we gave him some change anyway, and took his picture. Shortly after seeing him, Preston bought a guitar. I think he's thinking about this sort of a retirement career in Pony Village back home.
There are hundreds of nice modern stores in Chihuahua. There are beautiful "opera gowns", formal and informal clothes, lots of teenagers clothes, and dozens and dozens of western ware and boot stores. I took a lot of videos of them, was able to use Preston's camera to take a few of these shots. We enjoyed Chihuahua a lot, it's a very nice city!
These ladies and their kids were just sitting at the plaza on a nice evening.
The Plaze in Chihuahua, on Thursday evening. This lady was selling something. I don't know what it was, just gave here some money for taking her picture.
Paquime Ruins, near Nuevo Casas Grande, in Northwest Mexico. It's the largest ruins in Northern Mexico. Very interesting, we spent a couple hours between the ruins and the museum that was there on the grounds. Our last big sight seeing excursion in Mexico for this trip.
This was on the of foundations at the ruins. Karen was suppose to stay on the path, but we all know her! She just had to look at the top of this. It MAY have been a place where sacrafices had been made.
These structures were in use from the year 900 AD until around 1400 AD. Most of these were original parts.
We had Saturday breakfast in Bisbee, AZ. An old mining town in Southern Arizona. We stopped here last September on the way to Eureka Springs, there were a lot fewer flies this time! A good breakfast.
Pichaco Peak, between Tucson and Phoenix, AZ. We took the I-8 at the split a few miles from here so we could stay south and enter Mexico again.
We cross the border back to Mexico today. It was a nice day, and we had plenty of time, and remembered a few things we had planed to pick up at the border. We didn't shop yesterday in Agua Prieta, too much traffic and we just wanted to get back across to the USA with all our stuff. We took our time today and enjoyed the shopping.
Pat wanted a plate. We knew about what she wanted, but couldn't make up our minds, so ended up getting three of them.....
One of 3 plates I picked up for Pat today. She'll have fun deciding where to put them.
This time I was careful to keep the video camer start around my neck. Preston took this while we were having lunch in Algodones this afternoon. He did a better job than the one that got my camera!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

On the road between Durango and Chihuahua we passed lots of working cowboys. We also passed several men on donkeys and mules, with various loads on them. Part of the almost 400 miles was very desolate. The two lane highway was rough, with lots of potholes. This is the type of place where you hear about Banditos, but we didn't see anyone that looked to suspicious . All the people we've met down here, or and any contact with at all, have been extremely friendly. We're finding that here in Chihuahua there are more policemen than we've seen in any other sity. We think it may be because it's the capitol, and also only 244 miles south of El Paso. With all the bad publicity our own State Department is giving Mexico, I think they are doing their best to keep it safe down here. We were warned by many people before we left of the "dangers of Mexico". After a month, we can tell you first hand, that's a bunch of hogwash. We highly recommend this country as a place visit and enjoy.
This pig was loose in the back of this pickup, he's a big one too! He almost fell over when they went around a corner, and was trying to get out. You see some strange things down here.
This pair of mounted police were patroling the area around the Plaza. Lady and guy cops. The horses have huge feet and rubber shoes. I have some good video of them from behind, they are have an interesting gate. OK Okie Smoke, I know these aren't mules!
This is inside the large church that's right behind our Hotel. The camera doesn't do it justice, it's breathtakingly beautiful.
Yesterday we stopped and bought some Pistachios from this man along the road. This is the nut capitol of Mexico, they grow many different kinds in acres and acres of orchards. This is a huge agricultural area. Cattle, farming, and logging. Also mining is still a big industry in northern Mexico.
I don't have a good picture of the front of this huge Cathedral, this is one of the sides, with the Quality Inn just behind it. Karen wanted to stay close to the Plaze in the History center of the city. This is a close as we could get her. A little expensive, but this will be the last city we stay in down here, unless we take more time than planned on visiting the ruins at Paquine on the way north.
Preston and Sherm waiting at the Trolly stop in Chihuahua. Feb. 23, 2006
This is the front of Pancho Villa's home. He was living here when he was shot in the City of Parral, not far from Chihuahua. The 1922 Dodge he was riding in is here. It has several bullet holes in it, he was shot from the rear, and he was riding in the back seat. It happend at 8:30 in the morning July 30, 1923. He was Governor of the State of Chihuahua at the time. The history book says he had 24 wives, but his first wife lived with him in this house. She stayed here until she was 90 years old. All the wall paper and decorations are original, and just beautiful. His office is still as it was when he used it, same telephone, typewriter, etc. The bed and bathrooms were modern, and the kitchen and dining rooms are still as they were. We weren't allowed to take pictures, had to leave my video camera at the registration desk. We were free to stroll through the house and grounds. the car he was killed in was the most interesting to me, as well as his personal arsenal, and things he used within the house. His wife was once given the Key to California, which she had in a glass case mounted in her bedroom. The wheel chair she used in her later years is there too. Francisco Villa has a huge place in Mexican history.
We saw several police bikes today. A couple of these older Concours, a Harley sprortster, and an old BMW. The little sporty was so quiet you could hardly hear it running, must have had special Mexican Police mufflers!
This is a house that was built in 1907, took 3 years, and is unbelieveably beautiful inside. The construction and decorations are magnificant. The original furniture is mostly still there, the rooms are all huge. The construction, electricity and plumbing were way ahead of most buildings from that period. They wouldn't let us take any photos or video inside, and had a bank of security cameras in place to make sure you didn't sneak one in . I can't describe how nice it really is.
We took this little trolly from the hotel to Poncho Villa's house, then to the Mansion, then walked back to the main Plaza and home to the hotel.
This little lady was selling her wares near Pancho Villas house. It seems like the only vendors we've seen are Indians.
Inside the State Captiol. In 1811, in this exact spot, Father Don Miguel Higalgo was shot by firing squad. The court yard walls are covered with beautiful murals of important times in Mexican history.
Sherm videoing a Suzuki Burgman in Chihuahua. This one had been dumped a couple of times, had a split seat, and was in generally poor condition, at least cosmetically. I hope Toas and Frans look better than this!
This is the State Capitol of Chihuahua. The Government offices are inside here. There is also a courtyard with a lot murals inside. In there, in 1811 Father Don Miguel Hidalgo was assasinated because he was a revolutionist.
Some Indian ladies selling thinigs they have made in front of the large Cathedral in Chihuahua.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

These boats are common around the high tourist areas of Mexico. They make what is know locally as "Booze Cruises". They have salesmen in town and on the beaches taking reservations for a sight-seeing trip, sometime including a stop in some exotic spot for lunch, sometimes visiting little islands or coves. They the one we went on 5 years ago also included a "swim call" in the ocean. They have 2 bars on board, serving premade drinks. Margaritas, Pina Coladas, and a few different high balls. All free once you're underway. LOUD music plays without ceasing! Our trip was about 5 hours including a stop to visit a waterfall and have lunch in the Jungle. On the way back to Puerto Vallarta, people were dancing all the wild dances and having quite a time, Some were exceptionally drunk, laying around in various parts of the vessel. We were happy to get back to the dock, but was an experience!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Karen had to have one tropical fruit drink. It was beautiful, and she said it tasted good too.

Looks like Sherm has been eating too many on the wonderful hand made Mexican Tortillas! Diet time is coming up soon!

Sunset, 18 February 2006. Chacala Beach, Nyarit, Mexico. This is a cove where Pirate ships used to pull in to hide or get out of the weather. It�s a beautiful beach, the there are several excellent restaurants there, all specialize in fish cooked over wood chips. It was a little hazy, which made for a beautiful sunset, and our meal was terrific!

Preston said he took this of Karen and I swimming, but I think maybe he was looking at something else
Karen decided to get her hair cut too. This lady did a fine job! Would be a good helmet hair Doo.
I got a terrible hair cut last week. I decided to go to a different barber and try to get it shaped up a little better. It hasn�t been this short since boot camp in 1959!

This cute little pig was tied to an old engine just down the street from us. I took some video of him today, very cute little guy. He�s probably end up as street tacos in a few months.

This horse lives less than a block from out Casa. He rides by every morning and evening, don�t know where he goes. Note the Machete. This is not unusual, there are lot of people that use horses for transportation.

Friday, February 17, 2006

There were 6 or 7 elderly ladies on the beach playing with a beach ball and having a fine time! They were dancing around, laughing, and thoroughly enjoying themselves. They are probably from inland somewhere on vacation to the beach here in Los Ayala.

Preston having a Margarita. After some extensive testing, he and Karen decided this place at Los Ayala has the best in the whole area. I got the �secret� recipe, so when we get home I can make some for them.

Got this shot of a couple of the ladies cutting a rug (well, maybe sand), They were drinking beer and tequila and living it up!

I won�t say how old Karen is , but she�s been out of high school for awhile�and�this is her very first time to have a manicure! It took longer than she expected, they really give you the treatment down here. I was quite an experience, and cost her a whole 6 bucks! Could have had 2 margaritas for that�.

This is the monument at the entrance to La Penita. Avenue of Emiliano Zapata is the main drag, it�s only about 6 blocks long, but it�s a very busy street.

A wheelbarrow full of Pineapples. This little guy was pushing it through the sand, and having a hard time. He was delivering them to the guys that use them and coconuts to make exotic drinks to sell on the beach.

Karen and I at our Green Gate, getting ready to leave for the day! Preston was finished with his Spanish lessons, I had gone to town early and had the van lubed, and checked e-mail, Karen Stayed home and cleaned house, and now we�re ready to go have a nice breakfast and then hit the beach!

This was taken from the bathroom, looking through my bedroom and the living room out the front door to our Bougainvilla surrounded patio.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

This is a shrimp vendor. Lots of sea food here, since it�s right on the ocean. Nice fresh shrimp!

Karen is checking out some street toys from a vendor. Some are quite clever. She didn�t buy anything.

After an afternoon on the beach, we stopped in for a snack in Rincon De Guayabitos.

Preston is ordering a Frappe from one of the local �goodie� shops. The Valentines Day decorations were still up from a couple days ago.