Thursday, February 23, 2006

On the road between Durango and Chihuahua we passed lots of working cowboys. We also passed several men on donkeys and mules, with various loads on them. Part of the almost 400 miles was very desolate. The two lane highway was rough, with lots of potholes. This is the type of place where you hear about Banditos, but we didn't see anyone that looked to suspicious . All the people we've met down here, or and any contact with at all, have been extremely friendly. We're finding that here in Chihuahua there are more policemen than we've seen in any other sity. We think it may be because it's the capitol, and also only 244 miles south of El Paso. With all the bad publicity our own State Department is giving Mexico, I think they are doing their best to keep it safe down here. We were warned by many people before we left of the "dangers of Mexico". After a month, we can tell you first hand, that's a bunch of hogwash. We highly recommend this country as a place visit and enjoy.

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