Thursday, February 23, 2006

This is the front of Pancho Villa's home. He was living here when he was shot in the City of Parral, not far from Chihuahua. The 1922 Dodge he was riding in is here. It has several bullet holes in it, he was shot from the rear, and he was riding in the back seat. It happend at 8:30 in the morning July 30, 1923. He was Governor of the State of Chihuahua at the time. The history book says he had 24 wives, but his first wife lived with him in this house. She stayed here until she was 90 years old. All the wall paper and decorations are original, and just beautiful. His office is still as it was when he used it, same telephone, typewriter, etc. The bed and bathrooms were modern, and the kitchen and dining rooms are still as they were. We weren't allowed to take pictures, had to leave my video camera at the registration desk. We were free to stroll through the house and grounds. the car he was killed in was the most interesting to me, as well as his personal arsenal, and things he used within the house. His wife was once given the Key to California, which she had in a glass case mounted in her bedroom. The wheel chair she used in her later years is there too. Francisco Villa has a huge place in Mexican history.

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